Marketing may seem easy. It is fun, indeed, but it is a time-consuming effort. Facebook and Twitter are easy when you do it for your own use. You know the people to connect to, and you can easily relate to their status messages, photos and videos. You know how to interact with them because they are the people that you have been connected with in real life.

Facebook and Twitter accounts for businesses is very different from your personal accounts. The people you connect with have different personalities, and you don’t actually know them. You cannot just reply to each of their post as if you can relate to them personally because you don’t. But these fans and followers are the people whose opinions matter to your company, especially when it comes to your own brand or product.

Since social network marketing just boomed recently, most companies are still blindly feeling their way through this whole new marketing strategy. Some companies have been unsuccessful and did not try again. But there’s a big market out there to tap, and discovering your ways on how to do social network marketing can promise a huge success for your company.

If you are reading this and you feel like you are among the blind marketers feeling their way in, you would want to follow these how-to tips for social network marketing. These are easy and practical tips that you may have realized before but you were not able to try. Know these basic steps and try to follow them to see if it will work for you before you go blindly looking for other ways.

How to create a social network marketing campaign

You can’t simultaneously use many social networks. If you are a starter, you must be thinking of signing up for all social media platforms available in the web. Newbies are caught up in the social media world. There are actually many social media networks existing online other than Facebook and Twitter. The next on the list are LinkedIn and Plurk. But you cannot log in to all of them and post status updates. Maybe you can, but you can never sustain the level of activeness in all of them.

Focus on one social network

When we do many things at once, quality is often sacrificed. It is the same thing in social network marketing. The best strategy is to focus on one social media platform. Familiarize yourself with how the social network works. Build your fan or follower base. Connect with your fans and followers by posting regular updates, photos and videos. Share news and ask questions. When one social network profile is established, you can find somebody else to do it and create another account in another social network platform.

Find a brand ambassador

It helps to gain more integrity for your fan page if you find someone credible who can manage your social network profile. Find a person that your fans can relate to. People can easily trust a brand when they are familiar with the person behind it. Your brand ambassador can engage with your followers by having him post the status updates, questions and media.

Be real

People will know if you are genuine with your posts or you are just faking it. Social networking is all about connecting with people. Engage with them, get to know them, and share your thoughts with them as they share their ideas with you. Social networking is a way to build real relationships.


Do not post and forget about it. There are marketers who are just concerned at getting their brand out in the online public. They just post news and updates about their company or brand, and when it is posted, they forget that it ever existed on their profiles. When people react, comment or reply to your post, be sure to acknowledge their responses. Create a discussion and meaningful communication exchanges. Engage deeper by asking questions. Good communication practices still work the same in the online world, so apply them. Engaging with your network can help you learn about your target market, and it will help you gain more ideas on how to improve your brand.

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