LinkedIn is mostly known for its use by employers and job seekers. The fact that LinkedIn reports almost 260 million members globally means that it offers businesses an opportunity to effectively connect with their customers and identify emerging trends. Study suggests that half of the LinkedIn members would prefer to buy in companies they have interacted with in the social site while 80% of them wish to get a LinkedIn connection with the companies they have purchased from in the past. It therefore means that LinkedIn offers a potential ground where businesses could use to optimize their profits. The article discusses some of the critical tips to guide your business in exploiting the benefits offered by LinkedIn.

Complete the LinkedIn profile

As a business executive, it is important that you create both the business page and your personal page. The business page handles all matters to do with the business. The customers use it as guidance to all issues relating with the company products. The personal page separates your personal life from the business. Although you could use the personal page to market some aspects about the business page, it serves your personal life.

Invite recommendations

You should strategically use marketing skills to gather views from customers on the products of the company. The recommendations help get the attitude and mentality of the customers towards the company. It therefore sets the tone for communicating with the clients via the LinkedIn page.

Open the doors behind your company

Although most companies restrict information to their customers to products, prices, and offers it is advisable to be more transparent. Use LinkedIn to give links about your company’s backstage activities like company events. Such inside information helps create a personal relationship between the customers and the company. It enhances communication on LinkedIn.

Frequent postings

Search engines like Google have their search lists changing in every minute. A company that does not update its postings on the LinkedIn page faces the possibility of irrelevance among the search engines. You should therefore update your page frequently with company’s products and events so as to keep ranking the company higher among search engines.

Access for connection to new clients

The information from customers on your current LinkedIn page is a great resource to identifying new markets. By applying respectful language, you could convince your current clients to directly connect you with more customers known to them. You therefore get to venture new markets using the existing markets.
Following the five tips above will see you maximize the marketing advantages offered by LinkedIn.

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