Advertising on social media is all about numbers. How many traffic can one generate to their site is key. Getting a return on investment means getting a good number of people following or liking what you were advertising. But usually it is not about the number of likes or subscribers gained. The advertising has to change people’s minds on how they think about a certain advertised product or services. This way, one is assured of getting a return on the money invested.

Why use Social Medial for Advertising

Through social media, one is likely to reach out to his potential clients about his goods or services. It is easier to create a brand for ones business online and have customer royalty. The use of social media has gone to a higher level and almost everybody nowadays is either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So this makes social media a great way to connect and reach out to your customers.

How to achieve returns on investment on social advertising

There are some basic steps that one has to follow to ensure there is returns on invested money. Social media can be tricky to measure the gains so before one engages in social media advertising, they should follow these steps:

Understanding the maths involved is key. It is similar to marketing and so the right audience size must be target with proper conversation to bring about positive results. The number that clicks on an advert is not the actual number that ends up generating returns. Usually a greater percentage of those who click on adverts end up following the link to the company website. Only a small percentage of about 1 -2% end up being potential customers. So understanding the numbers needed to create a return on investment is key and starts from here.

Once you know how to work out the math, it becomes easy to know the number of likes, adds or conversations one needs to have so as to reach the targeted results. This way, it becomes easy to achieve the ROI by advertising on social media. It is necessary to control the number of aidience you want. Going viral may look appealing but is difficult to control and monitor any returns on investment.

Retargeting the people who have liked or subscribed to your advert on social medial is a great way to engage them. If they did not take your advert very seriously, seeing you on other sites like CNN is a great way to create that conversation and have them back.


Social media advertising is a great way to reach to potential customers and connect with them. It is the modern way of advertising and with proper advertising, one is assured of return on investment.

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