Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence and should always be taken seriously. Therefore, anyone who makes the mistake of driving while drunk and gets caught will need to seek immediate legal help. There is a strong negative stigma associated with drink driving and as the results can negatively affect so many people’s lives, it’s easy to see why it is considered to be such a serious offence. What some drink drivers may not know is that the court system is prone to dishing our harsh sentences for drink driving crimes and it is imperative to get legal representation as soon as possible.

Typical Punishments

Every country and each state and area within those countries have different laws governing drink driving. In Sydney, a number of possible outcomes will happen largely depending on how much over the legal limit the driver is when caught, and other factors such as extenuating circumstances can also alter the severity that the court will judge the case with. Professional drink driving lawyers in Sydney can be contacted for help to reduce the penalties handed out and the following are some examples of the types of punishments often given by the courts:

Driving licence revoked
A driving ban
A suspended sentence
A jail sentence

The ramifications of drink driving can sometimes be reduced with the help of an experienced lawyer. It is easy to contact a lawyer to help either by making a phone call or by looking online and as being able to drive is so important to many people, being able to reduce a sentencing can be very important.

What Influences a Court Ruling?

Many drink drivers will find they experience a certain amount of embarrassment and lots of regret if caught and it’s a good character like this that will stand a better chance of getting a reduced punishment. Lawyers will be able to work with their clients to reduce the sentences handed out if there are any good reasons why they should be lessened, such as if the driver was only behind the wheel because they had to get to hospital.

How many times someone has been caught drink driving will often affect the sentence given, along with the following factors:

How far over the legal limit the driver was
If any accident occurred as a result of driving drunk
Any extenuating circumstances
Mental health issues

The character and age of the driver

Being able to drive gets people to and from work, provides the option to take the kids to school and makes it easy to go grocery shopping as and when necessary and for many drivers; losing a licence can have a huge impact on their daily life.

Contacting a professional locally-based lawyer as soon as possible will be pivotal to the outcome of the court case and it is usually possible to organise a free consultation to discuss the case without having to pay anything.

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