Electrolux provides excellent solutions for dishwashing, guaranteeing you a high quality, minimal costs operating, high reliability and safety in use. Innovative technologies are involved here, including the IWS system and optimal wash mode system.

We offer universal models of dishwashers for commercial using of various types and designs. Among our products are washing machines for standard and rack types, front-loading and much more. You can find our products out by going to our website.

Electrolux Professional dishwashing machine key features

Our products are suitable for all types of establishments – from small to excellent restaurants or cafes or just for home. Electrolux commercial dishwasher machine distinguished by an optimal ratio of sizes and energy, including performance costs.

It well-known fact that the washing rooms of most catering establishments are equipped with modern and high-tech washing equipment.

AB Electrolux (Sweden) supplies products to more than 150 countries around the world and meets all criteria and standards of quality and safety, without harming the environment.

Thus, if you want to buy our dishwasher for personal or commercial use, we recommend that you use the products of the well-known brand Electrolux – the world’s leading provider of professional dishwasher equipment.

Electrolux dishwashers are suitable for use in the home or the restaurant. You can easily buy them on our website.

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